Established 2022

We believe in a wine experience that educates novices and satisfies experts

At Wine Buff, we pride ourselves on creating a welcoming atmosphere that invites newcomers to learn and explore the world of wine. Our space is designed to be inclusive and inviting, making it easy for anyone to feel at home. Whether you’re just beginning your wine journey or you’re a seasoned enthusiast, our selection of wines is sure to delight and surprise even the most discerning palates.

Join us to discover the perfect blend of education and enjoyment, no matter where you are on your wine journey.

A little history on how Wine Buff got started

Our wine bar was born from a deep passion for wine and a commitment to bring diverse selections to our community, eliminating the need for out-of-town or international trips. Named in honor of Bryan “Buff Love” Taylor, a cherished family member who lost his battle with cancer, WB reflects his love for wine and our unforgettable tasting adventures together. With every bottle, we celebrate his spirit and our shared moments.

We invite you to visit our welcoming space, where novices and connoisseurs alike can explore and savor exceptional wines. Join us in honoring Buff’s legacy and supporting our local wine community, both in-person and online.

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